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Printable Parchment Paper
Combine the Advantage of Parchment Paper with Aluminum Foil for Commercial and Retail Use
  • Bake, Grill, Smoke: multiple indoor and outdoor kitchen and storage applications
  • Keep the shape: aluminum foil provides excellent formability and flexibility
  • Keep food safe: enjoy aluminum foil functionality without direct food contact
  • Keep it lean and clean: nonstick coated parchment paper - no more cooking spray or coating with oil
  • 220°C/420°F Parchment paper is heat resistant
  • Private label: make it your own product with a custom AL-foil thickness and print (logo)
  • Customize: rolls, sheets, baking trays in custom size and shape. Explore applications for food preparation and plastic-free packaging
  • Printable: Include your brand by having your logo, marketing, images - the possibilities are endless
  • High quality paper: chose between crisp white or natural unbleached papers
Product Aluminum Gauge Parchment Gauge
Foil Backed Parchment 2mil - 25mil 1.5mil - 4.5mil
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Inventory Logistics-
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